Were on the cusp of delivering individual proof-of-concept data for our antibiotic.

‘We’re on the cusp of delivering individual proof-of-concept data for our antibiotic, AFN-1252, with its truly new mechanism of action and unique selective spectrum. We are confident that the Phase 2 trial will confirm AFN-1252 as a powerful and well tolerated anti-Staph antibiotic’ commented Dr. Hafkin, Chief Medical Officer of Affinium Pharmaceuticals. Related StoriesTackling MRSA with bacteriophageVirginia Tech scientists discover new treatments to target antibiotic-resistant bacteriaShared decision making between doctors and sufferers useful in fight against antibiotic resistanceAccording to Leisa Dennehy, Commercial & Corporate Development Advisor at Affinium, ‘market research with physicians obviously indicates the need for an IV and oral antibiotic with a better safety profile in comparison to vancomycin or linezolid, without compromising potency against MRSA.The retraction arrived after a council that regulates Britain’s doctors ruled the study’s writer acted dishonestly and unethically. The new study is based on a University of Michigan survey of parents a full year ago, long before the retraction of the 1998 study. However, much offers been written about research that has failed to find a link among autism and vaccines. Mainstream advocacy organizations like Autism Speaks encourage parents to vaccinate their children strongly. ‘Now that it has been shown to be an outright fraud, maybe it will convince more parents that should not be a concern,’ said Freed, in the April problem of Pediatrics whose research appears, released Monday. Some doctors are taking a tough stand, requesting vaccine-refusing parents to find various other doctors and calling such parents ‘selfish.’ A statement from an organization practice near Philadelphia outlines its doctors’ adamant support for government suggested vaccines and their belief that ‘vaccines usually do not cause autism or various other developmental disabilities.’ ‘Furthermore, by not vaccinating your child you are acquiring selfish advantage of a large number of other who perform vaccinate their children.