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Twenty-five % of institutions with accredited U.S ed causes and treatment . Nephrology training programs not accredited geriatric training programs, but the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has mandated that fellows receive formal training in geriatric nephrology. Nephrology.line curriculum will serve as a primary source of educational material for geriatric nephrology training nationwide.

A grant was provided by the Association of Specialty Professors for this curriculum, which includes 38 chapters on various aspects of geriatric nephrology. The online resources will be expanded over the coming months, Power Point PowerPoint presentations that posted the information in. The entire curriculum will be freely available for anyone to access and use. Of nephrology.erstands the importance of treating of geriatric population Nephrology and also works with ASP to three additional efforts ASN partners with the Association of Specialty Professors to provide the ASN – ASP Junior Development Grant in Geriatric Nephrology. Since 2003, ASN and ASP have more than seven junior nephrologists who have decided to have focused their research career to issues related to the geriatric aspects of nephrology funded. In 2008 there were two recipients of this grant, Steven G. And Lisa M. DO NanoVic.

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