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To eliminate this possibility, Johan Storm Research Group has conducted research on stroke in a bowl.In this experiment, the researchers cut half-millimeter thick sections removed from memory, the hippocampus of normal mice and genetically modified mice without BK channels.The brain samples fed into the bowl of sugar and oxygen. Then the so that the so that the samples suffer from acute energy shortage, simulating an acute stroke. Then again, the researchers observed the energy supply to the brain samples, what happens to them in the coming hours and days..

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– It is therefore conceivable that the closing of the BK channels may prevent epilepsy. And conversely, can Promoting the opening of BK channels following a stroke increase the risk of epilepsy, says Johan Storm.Prior studies traditional traditional bacteria cultures that are only able to may bacteria in the human body identification because to the inability will find proper nutrients, the culture the study of this study. Director New York University in new Microbiome Centre for Rheumatology and autoimmune and one of the lead. have are a major step forward by not missing 80 % of the bacterial under this step will allow us to bacteria that identifying rheumatoid arthritis be related. .

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Editor’s Notes: Jose U. MD will present this research while ACR Annual Scientific Meeting at the Georgia World Congress Centre the 3:30 on Wednesday, November in Room A the 411th Shear be is available of issues of media and introduction 08:30 on Monday, November in the on-site the press conference room.. The successful test of robot added new wrinkle stroke rehabilitation strategies, Takahashi said Whilst repetitive movement is an important therapy.