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This unit also allows them to study a single DNA strand in isolation, rather than groups need to do from hundreds to thousands of threads as a researcher with the current technology. The DNA binds to the surface of the nanolaser, emitted the color or lasing wavelength of the laser changing. Because DNA changes will again again. The improved resolution is a result of the precision with which the paint can be monitored.. Their method the field is directly high-definition high-definition.Armani proposes to recognize highly sensitive nanolaser that would enable it to changes in the DNA, as they are happening in real time develop.

The first part of the project focused on building the nanolaser instrument, while the second half funds the DNA experiments.The goal? What Armani calls un – doing these triggers that can cause cancer.will initially focus on the use of nano – laser for the first proof – of-concept experiments using known triggers, such as carry high concentrations of common solvents and cleaning agents.Part of this process includes, a single strand of DNA by a harsh chemical and seeing whether a specific change is initiated. Ultimately, she wants to be able to people, the warning to avoid triggers.Dr Emmanuel wizard session a question-and-answer Twitter MySpace experts session[# VMMC@ USAIDGH] will open on 19 December 2014 from 13.00 bis 02.00 clock with Dr. Emmanuel Njeuhmeli, Senior Biomedical Prevention provides of the Office of HIV / AIDS / USAID Washington, kept Co-Chair PEPFAR, Male Circumcision Technical Working Group, one of the writers the collection.. In addition, male circumcision in in eastern and southern Africa is effective in the prevent HIV.

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On 5th December 2014 at the International Conference on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in Africa in the Addis Abada , a Joint Strategic Action Framework to speed up expansion VMMC to HIV prevention in southern and eastern African, 2012-2016 starts. The framework was designed with a WHO, to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the the World Bank and the national program.