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The researchers used microscopes to photograph nerve cell axons by inserting a jellyfish gene in the worms, the worms neurons glow green to make fluorescent.The biologists found breaks as well as branching or inappropriate new growth cones – signs of nerve – repair attempts – in places where a nerve cell body sent an axon from one side of the worm on the other, so look to the axon and damage easily medication information .

The discovery could lead to a new explanation for spinocerebellar ataxia type 5 . An illness to to a human version of the gene and identified in 11 generations of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln ‘s family, starting with his paternal grandparents SCA5 may have afflicted Lincoln. Indicates suggests merchandise Lincoln nerves shattered We do not know, but our study possibility that they possibility that they were, ‘says biology Professor Michael Bastiani, the. The study’s senior author and a member of the Brain Institute at the University of Utah.

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