The survey also asked women ages 40 to 49.

Surprisingly, this %age the same as the %age of non-high-risk women who get get mammograms in their 40s , despite the guidelines.. The survey also asked women ages 40 to 49, if she had to say a personal or family history of breast cancer or other factors that could have a high risk for developing breast cancer. Percent %, the yes answer to this question, 77 % said that they continue get mammograms in their 40s, 40 per cent would do so, even if the mammogram is not covered by their insurance, while 37 % would do it, of the insurance or someone else covered the cost. Although less than one % of self-identified high-risk women in this age group said they would wait until the age of 50 for their next mammogram because the new USPSTF recommendations, 16 % of high-risk women said in this age group, they do not plan plan to get annual mammograms , regardless of the guidelines.

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