The strongest link was for anxiety disorders and depression.

The researchers concluded that their results showed that the connection established in other studies between self – reported indicators of health and green areas are also found in GP – rated indicators of specific disease cluster. ‘The study highlights the importance of green spaces close to home for children and lower socio-economic groups,’they added.. The results showed that:There is a positive connection between the lower prevalence of the disease and more green space was.The annual rate of 15 of the 24 diseases was lower in environments that had more green space in a radius of 1 km.The strongest link was for anxiety disorders and depression.The link was stronger for children and for people with a lower socioeconomic status.The link was strongest in slightly urban areas and not apparent in highly urban areas.

More evidence of link between green space and healthwith a new study on how BP diseases classified in the context of green spaces in their patients’ living environment, researchers in the Netherlands have found more evidence established that, left spaces to better health and better mental health in particular.

The study was the work of first author Dr. Jolanda Maas from the EMGO Institute VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam and his colleagues, and in Online First in Online First paper on In October published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.According to one company release planned Abbott the medicine in $ 500 a patient per year the European approval of the medication is expected just a few months, said which the Cape Argus (the Cape Argus.. In developing countries, in South African authorization the new release of Kaletra has.

Abbott announced last week that it lodged for South African approving the new tablet form of its antiretroviral drug Kaletra, South Africa Cape Argus trusted .

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