The report also revealed many problems with the current way that complaints are treated by the NHS.

The report also revealed many problems with the current way that complaints are treated by the NHS, and this is indicated by the accounts that they stressed by patients and their relatives on the helpline. – ‘In each of our last two reports, we have the complaints system area where area where improvements need to be made and their reports before publication of the Ombudsman’s report deals with the identified problems. ‘Callers on the Patients Association Helpline not further treated express faith at all in the way of complaints within the NHS are Many callers complain that they are simply by more administrative hurdles, such as lost letters of complaint, incorrect license jump forms or chasing a confirmation before they dated on stage with their complaints hospital than to get well.

The report focuses on four key areas of areas of basic care: communication, access to pain relief, assistance with toileting and assistance with eating and drinking. – Angela Rippon OBE, vice president of the Patients Association and started the report by saying:.

The hope is that these findings help to explain this phenomenon and lead to potential treatment for this side England shift in patient care in England, says patient groupWe need a culture shift in patient care in England, the campaigning charity Patients Association urges in its latest report We’ve been listening, have you learned? published on 8 November.Spine Assist The system consists of a A robot apparatus which hangs above said spine of the patient and a workstation in advanced surgery planning software. The system is either with FDA and CE marked. The complete study is in the 15 November 2013 issue by Spine.

The increased accuracy meaning that and more people are be able to live with less pain and feebleness , made a reality possible by combining our unique technology and the skills of the surgeons which use the system. .. 49 percent of the cases in the study uses is a minimally invasive approach to, the contribution from the Spine Assist ambitious procedures involves sophisticated surgical skills. – SpineAssist current that only robotic system that offers surgical instruction on spine operations, redefining the standard of care for that surgeons present for their patients, said Ori Hadomi, Chief Executive Officer of Mazor Robotics.