The recent the recent identification of genes with hearing loss.

Connexin 26 gap junctions generated responsible for maintaining potassium levels in the cochlear endolymph. Gene mutations affect gap junction function and lead to sensorineural hearing loss. Patients with hearing loss GJB2/GJB6 tend moderate to profound bilateral prelinguistic not progressive hearing loss.. Tend to Attitudes Towards Genetic Testing for Hearinghave universal screening for newborn hearing loss and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs into a standard of care in many countries. The recent the recent identification of genes with hearing loss, genetic testing and counseling is an integral part these early intervention programs.

For example, Pendred syndrome , Jervell and Lange – Neilson syndrome , Usher syndrome and Alport syndrome must, no observable changes until later in childhood. The identification of these diseases requires blood tests, urinalysis, ophthalmologic evaluations, and computed tomography of the temporal bone.

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