The goal is to increase the efficiency and accuracy.

The goal is to increase the efficiency and accuracy, and to improve patient. The cost of long-term care ‘Since the use of new technologies is increasing with the aging population, maintaining complete and accurate patient information can be overwhelming,’said Marilyn Rantz, professor in the MU Sinclair School of Nursing. ‘A comprehensive system, all measures, old and new long term care the key to improved and efficient clinical decision making. ‘.. The MU researchers developing an EHR standard standard health assessments and receive them with new technologies.

With access to comprehensive data, clinicians can clinical decisions clinical decisions, better performance risk assessments and provide risk-reducing measures – The study ‘Developing a comprehensive electronic medical records to Enhance Nursing Care Coordination Using Technology and Research’in the Journal of in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing. By the U.S. By the U.S. Administration on Aging and the National Science Foundation. Project Collaborators included researchers from the MU Sinclair School of Nursing, University Hospital, School of Medicine and the College of Engineering.

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