The first outbreak of bird flu is known.

The first outbreak of bird flu is known, that in Kaduna State on 10th January began. Experts believe the virus already around for a while, and that many other birds have been, and maybe some people who have been infected.

Backyard poultry is very common in Nigeria, makes it very difficult for the authorities to really assess the extent of this outbreak. There are probably about 140 million poultry in Nigeria, most of them in the south-western part of the country. 60 percent of the country’s poultry are found in small backyard flock.Johnston, president of Academy. ‘Taking the time to protect your eyes while performing these tasks is the easiest way to protect your eyes. ‘.. 73.5 % of eye injuries, men have eyes Theof men suffer fast three times more eye damage than females, after a survey from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Society of Ocular Trauma conducted . The yearly Eye Injury snapshot of, clinical survey of ocular injuries in USA, May – 23rd May this year undertaken, established that men suffered a majority to the injury to the eyes. 2.5 million Americans each year suffered injury to the eyes and over 52 % of all injuries taking place at home. – ‘It is many the most common financial and activities, to may lead to devastating eye injuries,’said Randolph L.

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