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Misoprostol could be consumed either originally or vaginally nonetheless it is recommended for oral consumption since vaginal bleeding can make the inserted tablet ineffective. Misoprostol causes the womb contraction which causes the person to expel the lifeless embryo from the body along with the vaginal bleeding and tissues. The person is required to consume 1st two dose of Misoprostol. Do not chew the medicine and consume as directed. In case there is no expulsion of the embryo, consume another dosage of 2 medications after a gap so as to cause effective expelling of the merchandise. Conducting the process is easy and can confirm the process by consulting the same at a clinic over time of 14 days..Two of the males had in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles performed using their frozen-thawed sperm. During this procedure, an individual sperm is introduced directly into an egg to initiate the fertilization process. The researchers examined three IVF cycles using sperm recovered through SVSA. One couple underwent single routine of IVF, and acquired five of 13 mature eggs fertilized. One embryo was transferred with a negative pregnancy test.