The cost to the public purse of musculoskeletal pain is greater than any other state.

The cost to the public purse of musculoskeletal pain is greater than any other state. The cost of low back pain in 1998 alone is estimated at? 3 billion, the bulk of these costs, about 80 percent were. Not with health care, but due to lost work and related wage replacement benefits These figures show the importance of maintaining people with chronic pain in useful employment. The role of healthcare practitioners in sanctioning work absence has been studied and it has shown in the workplace and care is currently ill-equipped to manage job loss in people with chronic even even contribute to the high social costs.

– Pain a is common experience has has experienced at some point in their life, it is usually self-limiting and improves. Persist for some pain, and most of us are chronic pain in our lifetime.. The reasons why people with chronic pain are not fully declared invalid due to the severity of pain or pathology, but the interaction of the interaction of complex psychological and social factors, treatments, these factors. Risk perpetuating the problem of chronic disability and work to ignore.

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This information has been on by courtesy from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to can change the overall Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Report.