The BioHorizons Global Symposium promotes valuable interaction in the dental implant community ed cures.

BioHorizons remains one of fastest growing dental implant company in the industry because of the unique offerings such as Laser-Lok microchannels, 1 planning software and gold – hued esthetic abutments with every bone level implant system will be made available. Symposium presentations illustrate the unique position of BioHorizons to dentists in the continuum of care to support. – Every year, the BioHorizons Global Symposium promotes valuable interaction in the dental implant community, said Steve Boggan, BioHorizons President & CEO ed cures . In the current global economic situation it is important to obtain advanced knowledge and strong relationships with superior aesthetic results for patients and to develop new opportunities for dental practices. .

Scientific Sessions is the excellent and diverse expertise of the top dentists like Drs Michael A. Maurice Salama, Edward P. Allen, and Scott Ganz insight into today’s most challenging implant and regeneration topics, including technical advances in diagnostic three-dimensional provide imaging and treatment planning software. Every doctor will be a panel discussion moderated session of the audience submitted questions that fosters a highly interactive learning environment. The three days of training includes hands-on training and dedicated educational tracks for auxiliary and office personnel.

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