The authors compare smoking to smokeless tobacco and nicotine replacement safer.

Particularly cigarettes and other smoked tobacco products will continue to be freely available with few restrictions on their content or security. Of the of the millions of smokers alive today will therefore continue to to smoke tobacco, and the other half as a result of death, ‘they conclude.. The authors compare smoking to smokeless tobacco and nicotine replacement safer. They show the paradox of Swedish snus, which is 90 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco, but banned in several European countries. – ‘Some argue that health professionals should not tolerate use of nicotine, and also that promoting the use of alternative nicotine products, particularly smokeless tobacco, would market abuse by their commercial producers invite Others argued that if smokeless tobacco products are.

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The authors declare that during the last century, 100 million people died prematurely as result of smoking. You say that the estimate for this century is around one billion people. The majority of smoking deaths, which will take place during the next two decades by people who smoke today. If a smoker gives up now , they emphasize, he / she is running a 50 percent chance of dying prematurely.

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