The AP / CNN on Sunday profiled a program in Garland.

Before the mobile clinic had teen care by looking at a local hospital and missed day of school, Gayle Millican, a grant broker in the Garland school district, Kathy Bennett, a social worker with Baylor Family Practice Residency Program, the tries attempts girls formerly with prenatal care in pregnancy indicate. According to administrators, because the program. The creation in 2000 about 650 young people and 230 children have received medical care at the clinic There were nine unplanned pregnancies among girls in the program, Bennett said. The teens medical bills through private insurance or Medicaid are covered, and may pay for youth services on a sliding scale based on household income by Bennett (Stengle, AP / CNN..

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The Epstein-Barr virus , is a virus the herpes family has two distinct life phases: After infecting of a cell first go into a rest stage.