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Medical imaginning methods created over years have been assisting the cardiologist to detect the culprit lesions that are responsible for acute occasions. Vulnerable plaque or risky plaque that is most likely to rupture and cause thrombosis historically hardly ever wasn’t revealed showed up in most of the angiography outcomes. That is whenMore lately, Optical Coherence Tomography , which usedwas mainly used in ophthalmology, made its entry into the interventional cardiology. Useful in assessing the pathophysiology of thrombosis-prone plaque vivo in-, OCT provides ten times higher resolutions than the Intra Vascular Ultra audio .Like any small company Just, our revenue must exceed costs in order to survive. Despite everything that I have been in a position to do to spend less, the margin of profit is thin now, and the proposed higher than 10 % trim will place us out of business. The only option is to downsize the practice and stop seeing all Medicare patients. I’d hate this, but it will be the only option I’ve if Congress will not reverse the proposed cuts. ACP is requesting Congress to avert the instant SGR cut, but go a step beyond also. THE FACULTY is asking Congress to set a timeline for eliminating the usage of the SGR formula completely. ACP also wants Congress to direct Medicare, as part of replacing the SGR formula, to change payment policies to support patient-centered, physician-guided care management predicated on the patient-centered medical home style of care.