Such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Compugen discovered protein showed Recurring Relapses in Multiple Sclerosis Animal Model eliminationCompugen Ltd. announced that administration of CGEN-15001 in an animal model of multiple sclerosis has been shown abolish completely spontaneous relapses. In addition, administration of this novel molecule was before the onset of the disease is a pronounced delay of onset of illness and a significant decrease in disease symptoms. These results, together with complementary results of previous studies strongly support a significant potential therapeutic utility for CGEN-15001 in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, inflammatory bowel disease, and type 1 diabetes..

CGEN-15001 is a soluble recombinant fusion protein consisting of the extracellular region comprises one Compugen discovered family member referred B7/CD28 CGEN – 15001T. CGEN – 15001T, even the potential medical assistance programs – such as as the target for antibody therapeutics – has been developed through the use of Compugen ‘s LEADS platform and a proprietary algorithm to discover new members known protein families to predict. Patents filed for both CGEN-15001 and CGEN – 15001T.‘This multi-modal approach may transformative to treat an range of cancers. We are keep clamped about our cooperation with Celsion, and look forward the beginning of the clinical trials as soon as. ‘.. Keywords for this news article are: Cancer, Oncology, Technology, Electronics, Bone Research, authorities of, agencies and entities . ‘The combination of Philips ‘ MR-HIFU system, a high-precision, heating based therapy and ThermoDox, a thermal Triggered oncolytic agent which offers great potential, that gives us the chance, non-invasive thermally combination treat to local supplying high concentration by potent anti-cancer drugs right good -characterized in a targeted area, ‘said Falko buses, vice president and general manager, MRI Therapy to Philips Medical Systems.

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