Since the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary College in Newtown.

Kyle’s more youthful brother Jeff Kyle and his widow, Taya Kyle, spoke to the trained teachers during the course. I’m not saying I believe teachers should carry guns, but it is important they are educated, said Jeff Kyle said. Chris was about understanding of firearms and assisting provide a sense of security for people. The proliferation and perpetuation of no gun eliminating zones is a sad commentary on American society today. Surrendering our right to self-defense in all venues, at all times, has clearly not really worked as public plan.Ladies Michelle Bachelet; Tamara Kreinin, executive director of Females & Population at the United Nations Basis; and U.N. Females spokeswoman Gretchen Luchsinger . U.S., U.N. Officials Praise Congo For Swift Trial, Sentencing Of Soldiers Who Carried Out Mass Rape In Congo AMERICA praised the Democratic Republic of the Congo Wednesday for the swift trial and sentencing of nine soldiers for purchasing and carrying out mass rapes, Agence France-Presse reports. STATE DEPT. Spokesman Philip Crowley hailed the convictions as a ‘significant milestone’ that sent a note that sexual violence would not go unpunished, according to the news provider, which elaborates on the details of the rapes, which took place on Jan.