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Both patients and physicians need new ways provide provide positive and negative feedback about cancer, say the authors, and some these systems should include patient and clinician education. , the study, the study team found that different patient perspectives of the perception of the problems of physicians, said educate clinicians is also critical. ‘s Health systems in this study are currently exploring strategies for both patients and doctors, open experiences about their care and expectations communicate.

In Cancer Care, are difficulties in communication instead of Medical Care More CommonCancerCare increasingly complex, and as many as one in five cancer patients may experience ‘margins ‘in their care, according to to a new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Such failures are communication problems between patients and their providers, and traditional medical errors, both types of problems significant damage. Significant damage. In the study, outnumbered communication problems with medical care issues.When ‘In of a breast surgery, female often wonder about discomfort level, recovery time, and they are will be able return to normal activities, ‘said Dr. Swanson. ‘With this study we now have responses provided by the patient. ‘.

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