Resulting caspase 9 activation in cancer cells acts in apoptosis or programmed cell death.

COTI-2 differs from other cancer treatments that other treatments involve the killing of all growing and dividing cells in the body, what human significant toxic side effects while COTI-2 appears to target and destroy cancer cells and has demonstrated low toxicity in normal cells to human cancer cells compared. Requeste combined evidence indicates that COTI-2 is an ideal agent for combination therapy with current standard agents for a variety of cancers. COTI is currently in the in the risk / reward on developing a licensing agreement for COTI-2. Request a non – confidential data package or discuss a partnership concerning COTI-2 please contact with Michael Barr, Director of Business Development and Marketing..

Working with collaborators in the scientific and medical communities, TGen believes significant contribution to the significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the translational process. TGen affiliated with the Van Andel Research Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information, please visit:.

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