Residents of such areas.

Residents of such areas, Lin says, should focus on ways to save their lives and the lives of their families in the event of an earthquake. ‘The answer lies in the basic research, earthquake education,’he says.

The geologist says that aftershocks, some of them major, are expected in the coming days, months, years, can even tens of thousands of years. But now that the stress is reduced, therefore, that 50-60 – km portion of the Enriquillo – Plantain Garden fault, Lin says this particular fault patch should not experience another quake of equal or greater magnitude for perhaps 100 years. – However, the other nine tenths of this error and the myriad networks of faults in the Caribbean, in any case, active . – A lot of people, Lin says, forget[ earthquakes] quickly and do not take the words of geologists seriously But if your house is near an active fault, it is best that you do not forget.In 2006, the group of is for FDA prohibit Xenical since research on rats have shown that orlistat causes precancerous in the colon, but the FDA rejected the petition. – In his latest Petitions has Public Citizen in that the weight lose by users of of both prescription and over – the-counter form of orlistat ‘minimal’, and gave the example in that user, the 60 – mg dose of for an took a year, in addition to dieting and exercising, losing only 5.6 extra pounds in comparison to users who are did just dieting and exercise. In New York, increased high 120 – mg doses, just 7 extra pounds to in comparison to the nutrition and physical activity only user. ‘But the biggest problem with a to the drug their potential is about severe injury or even death,’said a Public Citizen statement, with even other side effects as ‘Failure of absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and drugs, fecal urgent, gas the relief and abdominal pain.

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