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The Royal College of General Practitioners is the largest membership organization in the United Kingdom solely for GPs read more . Research aims to encourage and to the highest standards of general medical practice and the voice of GPs to act on matters of education, training, research and clinical standards. Founded in 1952, the RCGP has over 23,000 members who are committed to improving patient care, developing their own skills and promoting general practice as a discipline.

* The health of the nation ‘s national target, the number of breastfeeding after 6 weeks to 50 percent. Previous unpublished work suggests about 50 percent of women in the population start breastfeeding, of which only about half of breast-feeding continues to 6 weeks or beyond.

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Contact Us: Greg Williams University by Rochester Medical Centreearly-stage research has discovered that a new gene therapy nearly eliminate arthritis pain and reducing long-term damage the affected joints, according to one study at the trade journal arthritis and Rheumatism published. Whilst the to mice on mice, they are the first genetically engineered osteoarthritis of OA like humans, the the same genetic predisposition that some the disease the disease makes itself, the authors say. If everything goes well and a follow up study , the researchers currently the U.S. U.S. Food and Drug administrative for allowing us commence, human trials next year shall – Nearly everyone suffers the age of 65 or older the pain that. Swelling and permanent joint damage of osteoarthritis. Most common form of arthritis, she develops the course of time following the first joint injury or simply as result of aging. In the latest study, researchers found Together of a newly designed gene therapy ameliorated 100 per cent of arthrosis pains for a which model. In addition, the researchers were surprised that therapy also have a fast 35 % reduction in permanent structural joint put at by round after round of the arthrosis and ignition.