References1 Canadian Cancer Society.

Australian-first Pathology Learning Centre provides unique Insight for UQ Health StudentsThe mysteries of the human body at the University of Queensland health students in an innovative way thanks to an Australian first pathology learning center housing thousands of specimens revealed.

Other features include the Integrated Pathology Learning Centre. – Interactive stations to test students on clinical-radiological – pathological correlations – stations for video feeds – as just mitral valve prolapse on echocardiography – audio on topics such as global aspects of immunization, the history of medicine , and malnutrition and disease, visual presentations – An curator and technicians to manage the collection in conjunction with the medical staff of the discipline of Molecular & Cellular Pathology.References1 Canadian Cancer Society. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2, 2008 Health Canada. It’s your health: Screening to cervical. Canadian Cancer Society. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2006 – Screening: breast, cervical-4. Promo Krebs Ontario.

– by Statistics Canada, more than five million Pap tests have place annually in Canada.

More information: – Canadian Cancer Society – Cancer Care Ontario: – information on HPV: – information on Pap smears, especially for young people:.

In order Cervical Cancer Awareness Week reminded all Canadian women which importance of the proactively Started for prevent cervical cancer, like a regular Pap tests screening and HPV vaccine.