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‘ pure oxygen, brain damages – It is a scenario like Gray’s Anatomy a paramedic or doctor plops a mask over the face of a person struggling to breathe and begins dispensing pure oxygen generic pills .

In their article, the researchers ongoing studies at Duke University at Duke University, the lung transplant patients undergoing fundoplication, a surgical procedure n the stomach and esophagus strengthens before the transplantation have longer survival rates and appear delayed onset of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome than those who do not. – If fundoplication is confirmed as a useful prophylaxis for preventing lung rejection, they write, markers of aspiration is to the identification of patients who could it contribute clinical benefit. .

Faucipublishes Perspective Pieces on HIV / AIDS Vaccine Research, XVIIth International AIDS ConferenceThe New England Journal of Medicine Thursday two perspective parts on HIV / AIDS vaccine field and to the seventeenth the International AIDS Conference in this month in Mexico City. Summaries will appear the bottom. – Margaret Johnston and Anthony Fauci: explorer stay cautiously optimistic that an increased understanding of HIV will mean creative ideas how to to design a successful vaccine, Johnston, director of the Vaccine Research Program of in the Department for AIDS the NIH the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Fauci, director of NIAID write. By Johnston and Fauci, vaccine has was of the most effective public health interventions, however an HIV vaccine has been heavy and reviews Disappointing and frustratingly the desire. They add that the extraordinary changeability and the resultant of genetic diversity of HIV , which is considerably more complex than that on other of human viral, present a tremendous an obstacle immune systems control of. AIDS Conference may not be available able a HIV vaccine highly effective developing in the classical sense a successful viral vaccines, the authors write, adding that . If we do, there be given the enormous scientific challenges to counter such challenges, explorer must be enabled on fundamental research to a certain extent, which to transform does not been requested the developing vaccines against other viral diseases, the authors (Johnston / Fauci.