Published a study in the 24th July 2007 edition of neurologists.

Childhood sun exposure May lower risk of MSpeople who spent more time in the sun as children have a lower risk for developing multiple sclerosis as people less less sun exposure during childhood, published a study in the 24th July 2007 edition of neurologists, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

.. The study also found the protective effect of sunlight only in the female twin pairs was seen, but Mack says about this new insight with caution, since only a few male twins in in the study are considered. – importance of importance of sun make in people with identical genetic risk for MS, said Mack. A high priority should be exploring how sunlight reduces MS risk if we are given unravel the mystery what causes MS.The new study they tested the effect by black rice bran extract on skin infections on mice. When she injection the extract into the mice, anti-allergic reduced skin inflammation by about 32 % to controls and well as decreased production of specific substance which are known promoting an inflammation of. Brown Reis bran extract does not have this effects, Say. When scientists fed the mice a diet of 10 %age B & rice bran, it reduction swelling, connected to for allergic contact dermatitis, a common type of skin irritation. The results ‘further show the potential value of black risotto bran as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic a food ingredient and optionally also as a therapeutic agent on treating and preventing of diseases which are this article inflammation,’the article notes..

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The researchers report proof that black rice – a little-known variation to staple for a staple food for one-third of global population – can help calm the infection involved in allergies, asthma and other diseases. Their study appears in the ACS bi-weekly the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.