PRESS RELEASE Alexandria, Va., 25 June, 2015 –The Academy of Managed Treatment Pharmacy’s Chief Executive Officer Edith A. Rosato, RPh, IOM, issued the next declaration on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today in King vs. Burwell and its influence on patients covered under the Affordable Care Take action: The U.S. Supreme Courtroom’s decision upholding the contested vocabulary in the ACA is positive news for millions of Americans who can continue to get access to affordable prescription drugs, an advantage that many of us take for granted. Whatever one’s watch of the ACA, there’s zero denying that this decision has averted significant disruption to the health care marketplace.These complaints might be dismissed as developing pains, born of resistance to change. But transitional chaos should be distinguished from enduring damage. However, the researchers found extraordinary EHR-induced distress. It is eminently quantifiable and yet stubbornly not. The objective of widespread EHR adoption, as envisioned by the Obama administration in 2008, was allowing a transition from volume-centered to value-based payments: an electronic infrastructure was essential for measuring quality. At the right time, however, significantly less than 17 percent of physician procedures were using EHRs, and their systems often lacked necessary data-capture capabilities. Given the high up-front side uncertainty and costs regarding potential returns, financial and cultural hurdles to adoption were formidable.