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OICR will the efforts to the efforts to selected projects by providing additional expertise and resources and to work closely with the recipients and their scientists marketing.

It is hoped that by studying the mechanisms of neurodegeneration, enters new targets for new therapeutic interventions before the critical point of irreversible damage. .. Was the first event of a major summit of internationally renowned scientists and doctors , met recently with GRF funding by David Calkins PhD at Vanderbilt University, Unlike the current indirect glaucoma treatments reduce to reduce the pressure in the eye, Calkins said. the objective of this meeting find ways to find ways discover the disease cure by stopping and possibly reversing damage to the optic nerve itself. Of special interest are the similarities between glaucoma and other chronic neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer ‘s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease.1,743 types of to strike at birth at the later stages of of life – a lot are fatal. All the is debilitating. MDA and the MDC confront these diseases through the research programs, complete medical and social services , and far-reaching professional and public health education.. Over the years, Safeway over $ 41,000 of muscular charities was lifted of customers Contribute at the checkout and grass-roots efforts, such as walk, golf tournaments and bake sale. This year’s campaign over Labor Day weekend, its peak as Safeway employees throughout the company attended local by Jerry Lewis MDI telethon broadcasts present donation checks and staff phone banking. Renda presented Safeway ultimate check payable to MDI National Chairman of by Jerry Lewis telethon during national radiation.

We are delighted which and is grateful for the generosity of our customers and the dedication of our employees, said Larree Renda, Safeway Executive VP and Chairman of the Safeway Foundation. The support which has been affected by neuromuscular illness Safeway a significant priority of. These types of significant fundraising gives us the ability to have an more meaningful impact on a number of key research and therapy programs.