Outlook hospital currently offers the only guarantee for those covered by its own insurance unit.

Outlook hospital currently offers the only guarantee for those covered by its own insurance unit, but she hopes to extend the offer to other insurers and employers. Geisinger CEO Glenn Steele said the challenge now is to standards for other types of care, such as hip, to determine the less agreement on the best practices. J employers have shown that the hospital system would have to provide a guarantee for five to 10 other methods before they before they would come to the program.

Rather than a genuine risk factor for high blood pressure, according to background information in the article Recent studies have found this belief into question, including evidence supporting a causal role of uric acid in hypertension, as indicated from experimental studies in laboratory animals.. In addition, the Times ,, although the program’s results appear promising, the model would be difficult to replicate. According to the Times, in contrast to most hospital systems, Geisinger directly employed by the majority of doctors. In hospitals, act where the doctors usually independent contractors, it is more difficult could in order to form a uniform set of procedures Coax, and it is often unclear who is responsible for follow-up, the Times reports (Abelson, New York Times.

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