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‘Our entire collection is 78 %, but in some areas it is as low as 69 %. One of five children , started the school in September, not protected against mumps, measles and rubella. We are concerned and we are warned of the danger of outbreaks. – ‘We think about three-quarters of cases of mumps are young, and most of these cases are people before the before the MMR launch in 1988, you may have had, rubella and measles vaccine, but that did not contain mumps. Our advice to not not protected, including young people should have the MMR. ‘.

The number of people who are bitten by mosquitoes peak in the months of July, August and September.. There were warnings that the decrease in uptake of the MMR on controversial hotly disputed hotly disputed links between the vaccine and autism made were accused of lead in several outbreaks of measles and. Less attention has been mumps, mortality rates. As a benign disease with low mortality rates. But doctors warn that it should not be underestimated.

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