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Acne: 10 Most Common Myths What we think we realize about acne is steadily being replaced with what scientists are learning. On the other hand, many myths continue to circulate and endure Click here . Unscrambling a few of the misunderstandings about pimples is what this article is about. Myth #1: Acne only affects appearance Acne may also cause deep emotional distress. Severe acne can lead to low self-picture and feeling depressed. There is a strong link between serious acne and sociable withdrawal. Myth #2: Pimples is caused by poor hygiene While pores and skin infections are connected with acne, insufficient cleanliness is not the good reason for acne outbreaks. The mix of oil and lifeless cells which generate acne is located beneath the skin’s surface area where it really is impossible to clean it away.

7. Using more medicine is better – too much acne medicine can irritate and cause your skin to turn reddish colored, and may dried out it out. Using even more over-the-counter or prescription medication than is recommended may cause more damage than taking non-e at all. Also, drugs do have unwanted effects like nausea, head aches, and various other unpleasant reactions if you overdo it. Better to stick with the directions provided. As these seven myths possess indicated, a lot of things you may have imagined causing acne, actually do not. To get clearer pores and skin, eat a well balanced exercise and diet. If you want to take something to assist you clear your skin faster, talk to your physician or try one of the safer over-the-counter products first..