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On 16-17 measures of adiposity Challenge.Product innovation and reformulation, together with the appropriate nutrition labeling important measures that the food industry can challenging academic overweight finished and food industry ,, in the new Munich – On a common historical experience is based, the experts agreed that the fight against obesity does not need to change consumer behavior eating concentrate alone , the food industry needs to on product development, on product development, reformulation, of based on sound research and evidence, and by setting to move standards for nutrition.

While the big food companies leading the way, all companies and organizations, regardless of size or geographic reach, must participate if we are to challenge effectively to obesity. .

The event, part of of the EU funded Diogenes Diogenes, on discuss in Munich on 16-17 October 2007, with a long work together in order effectively combat obesity. The event was Kraft Foods Kraft Foods R & D Inc, with participants from the Nestle Research Centre, Unilever, Pepsico International, Coca Cola European Union Group, and fifteen academic research centers and organizations from ten European countries.On-site-Sinai Medical Center Stroke the program awarded Joint Commission certificate as a Primary Stroke Centre.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Strokestown Programme have as the primary Stroke Center the Joint Commission Joint Commission, nation put the oldest and biggest standards of and accreditation body in the healthcare.

‘ – Cedars-Sinai StrokeCollection Program before the American Stroke Association Gold the success of the success in the use of ‘Get With The Guidelines – Stroke’editing software – an award given to centers who have maintained a high performance level for two years or more. Neuroradiologist in Cedars-Sinai program allows the expertise of nationally recognized physicians and surgeons, specializes and emergency treatment that is available around the clock, and to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools is the largest private, non-profit hospital in California. – ‘Achieving Primary Stroke Center certification is the result of concerted action among a very large specialist team to improving every aspect of stroke care, including the prevention, diagnosis, treat, rehabilitation, research, community outreach and patient support ‘said David Palestrant, director of the Neuro – Critical Care line and StrokeCollection editing software at Cedars-Sinai..