Most health officials feel that if you set up a good treatment program.

Most health officials feel that if you set up a good treatment program, it is advisable a good prevention a good prevention program at the same point. Health officials plan PrEP prevention programs only if the treatment programs are very successful and levels of resistance are to implement low, the researchers said.

Called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP it is a strategy, medications for individuals at risk before they are exposed to the virus. Having shown great promise in recent phase 3 clinical trials, PrEP may soon be out, can be rolled up for public use.

In this issue:2 Community – based interventions effective in lowering blood pressure for patients in the developing worldCardiovascular diseases are the leading killer of adults worldwide. There is convincing evidence that lowering blood pressure reduces cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, blood pressure control remain poor in developing countries. Poor health literacy, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of awareness on the issue help.Jill Gilmour, principal clinical research with IAVI, that this method of examination mimic infected and immune response within the body and will promising. The proof of concept is there, she said, adding: We think that it is are quite reliable This measures anything else at to current test and perhaps a lot of relevant anymore We believe it is a key component his frontline strategic, and. That is grounded to firm scientific assumption IAVI President of Seth Berkley said: . Up to 2013 and earlier Many divisions already achieve it, and we want to as the default as a standard all. is until January 2009 national data on radiation therapy services routinely available, to the allow accurate measurement of the quality of services, and the support for the services remain.

‘Also potential for AIDS vaccines from other less of promising products,’The Times of London Monday investigated a test to be indicate identity of the target According to of Times, first results from the test that they detect whether or vaccine candidate vaccine to stimulate an immune system response , and when the answer will actively combating HIV / AIDS. The assay, developed by Imperial College London and of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, known to as viral inhibition test. The Times reports that the test will be examined into Phase I HIV / AIDS vaccine trial.