Massimo Imazio.

In 2005, an open-label, randomized trial, the Colchicine for Recurrent Pericarditis study, showed a benefit of colchicine in the treatment of recurrent pericarditis.19 This is followed by the report of the multicenter, double-blind Colchicine for Recurrent Pericarditis trial16 and a subsequent meta-analysis3 supporting the usage of colchicine in such patients. These trials, however, didn’t address the use of colchicine for the original attack of acute pericarditis. Among such individuals, the reason for the disease is different from recurrent pericarditis.This result contrasts with the findings of several smaller trials of drug-coated angioplasty balloons, in which significant differences in target-lesion revascularization had been observed.20-22 Several factors may donate to an explanation of the difference between our study and the previous studies. First, the investigators and individuals inside our trial were unaware of both index treatment and the duplex ultrasonographic findings during follow-up, which probably reduced potential bias to make the decision to execute a repeat revascularization treatment.