Male circumcision does not protect against HIV Among U.

Male circumcision does not protect against HIV Among U.S. Black, Hispanic MSM, Study SaysMale circumcision does not protect against HIV infection among black and Hispanic men who have sex with men, in the United States, the researchers said on Monday in national HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, reports the Reuters news agency.

Overall, we found no association between circumcision status and HIV infection status among black and Hispanic MSM.. The study investigated Greg Millett the CDC and colleagues 1 079 black and 957 Hispanic MSM residing in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. Study participants computer computer survey and received an HIV test. According to the study, circumcised black and Hispanic MSM were as likely to become HIV-positive as those who were uncircumcised.More than 20,000 troops were of Major Christopher Warner and colleagues in the the U.S. Army which inserted three infantry brigade of the new procedures and three brigades of before screening program has been transposed in their posts examines sifted Rates. All the out of the soldiers of the 2007-2008 increase in the force in Iraq, and the results were monitored for the first 6 months of deployment.

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