Key issues for healthcare professionalsphysicians a similar meaning put on access to information.

In addition, the possible future shortage of oncologists will make things even more complicated. – This feeling ECCO 13 by Professor Mike Richards, National Cancer Director at St Thomas’ Hospital, who said was: Assigning priorities for the delivery of medical care in general, and in view of the rapidity of scientific advances, cancer iterates again care is in particular an enormous challenge. .. Key issues for healthcare professionalsphysicians a similar meaning put on access to information, the recognition of the need for regular updates in cancer treatment care and management This is generally available throughout Europe on evidence-based medicine journals journals, conferences and training. However, doctors expectations the facilities, in general andprovide optimal care for cancer patients who are not currently available in Europe.

At ECCO 13, wanted Mr. Margaritis Schinas, Head of Cabinet of Markos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, update people on the ongoing elements in terms of the long-term policy for the in cancer prevention, in addition to initiatives for the future. He said: These measures include initiatives that and exchange of and exchange of best practice in cancer prevention among the Member States such areas the. European Code against Cancer ‘ addressing the European Citizen directly on his / her options, cancer to prevent that recommend Council Recommendation on cancer screening quality screening programs for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer , along with the series EU Guidelines on Best Practice in cancer Screening , which were developed under the Europe Against Cancer and are now followed by the European Cancer Network with the support of the present public health program .The elderly require this kind of assistance and their families addressing their situation of found already extremely long, and so non to reflect of as you to pay for the a great relief to a great relief concern. – It will be crucial that councils properly financed this this, so it does not an incentive for them to get older people in nursing homes and claim to their needs are not critical sufficiently ensure free care at home sliding.. Andrew Harrop, Head Game of Policy on Age Concern and Help the Aged, said:’ We warmly welcome Gordon Brown the commitment to the care and support by your home charge make it for those who with a the greatest need.

.. Age Concern England and help who to the aged to form form a single charitable organization for improving the lives of older people.

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