James Christenson.

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But what may seem like an easy task can lead to serious injury unless you take proper precautions. Never underestimate the duty at hand while cleaning. The most mundane or simple chores could cause strain Even, injury, or perhaps a fall if not correctly done. For instance, when using a ladder, never stand on the top rung, Dr. Patrick Osborn, an American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons spokesman and orthopedic trauma cosmetic surgeon, said within an AAOS news release. Last year in the usa, more than 500,000 ladder-related injuries and a lot more than 42,000 rake-related injuries were treated by doctors, the AAOS stated. To stay safe while getting your house and yard clean, the AAOS offers a few advice. Use a rake that’s suitable for your weight and height, and have equipment such as for example leaf blowers serviced before they are utilized by you this fall.