It leaves with very few viable treatment options.

Advanced NSCLC patients with PS 2 have a poor prognosis and often less aggressive chemotherapy due to poor or no tolerance, it leaves with very few viable treatment options. The subset analysis of patients with PS 2 had a median survival time of 4 months and one – year survival rate of 15.

.. Are the data of 21,064 patients, the 1 doses were sent gefitinib1. ‘andomized to treatment if they had received and failed more than one course of standard chemotherapy or radiotherapy for their NSCLC? 1-year survival rate was 29.9 percent (95 percent CI, 8 to 31, the median survival time was 5.3 months (CI, 3 percent of patients a severe a serious drug-related adverse event and broke the 1.1 percent due to a serious due to a serious drug-related adverse event.

Judith Ochs MD, Senior Director clinical Research, lead author of the study at AstraZeneca commented: the results presented today are consistent with the clinical benefit of gefitinib randomized, double-blind Phase II trials ,, which means that about 4 of patients were alive one year after the the start of treatment were reported.Donor card out of ten Europeans Favour Organ Donor Card – euros barometer reveal.

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