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Is a TFAS spinal implant for the treatment of patients with chronic leg and / or back pain spinal stenosis spinal stenosis determined. It is part of a category of devices to the treatment affected spinal joints to stabilize while. Conservation of the natural motion of the spine It’s a great device, it frees the it frees the nerves and spinal cord, eliminates the excess bone growth and maintains natural motion, said Dr. The patients are recovered quickly and we have seen very good results so far.

At the age of 67, he to miss anything and is thankful that virtually painless. I’m back to my old self, said Kaipus. It really gave me my life back. I am so thankful that I was able of the process. Of the process. .. Texas Back Institute Leads Way in New Facet Joint Clinical TrialTexas Back Institute, the trail leads again in motion preservation technology continues spinal device studies with a clinical trial of the Total Facet Arthroplasty System forward. Barton Sachs of Texas Back Institute led the TFAS procedure on Ron Kaipus in September 2006.The Toolkit clear information and advice that might help the patients understand what they are below context of the new EU Directive are entitled.. Treatment Abroad is the biggest online resource on patient, Details of travel abroad for medical treatment. Rules for the team shall consult and working closely with of EU and International Crossborder Health and Competition Policy team of with the British the Department of Health in creating the Your Rights in the to the treatment in Europe Guidelines for the management of accuracy of ensure. – Keith Pollard, Managing Director of intuition of Communication Ltd, publisher of Guide says: For us it was this guide this guide because as the Germany nationals have always the right to cross – border healthcare in the European Union across a very few are aware elect about its right as the NHS patients and access to care in the other European Union states paid for of the NHS.

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