Is an explosion of data.

Human Genome Projectap Between New genome data and decades of researchhas sent since the advent of the Human Genome Project, is an explosion of data, the science world scrambling. There is a growing demand for fine tuning genomic code, the list of ingredients for life , but do not adequately explain how these ingredients function. – A Rutgers University – Camden close to biochemists addressing by creating a by creating a database for quick background checks on all known enzyme functions.

His goal is standard vocabulary standard vocabulary to describe how enzymes for biomedical community, especially those who work with cancer drugs that work target enzymes.

About the CYPHE stent – the CYPHE stent has been chosen by cardiologists worldwide to treat approximately three million patients with coronary artery disease. The safety and efficacy of the device is supported by a robust clinical trial program with more than 70 studies, and Canada, to investigate the performance of the stent in a CYPHE broad spectrum of patients supported.The work of be presented made the cover of in this month Stem Cell journal, which will appear Added. Postdoctoral research Hongmei Mou is first author on the paper, and Rajagopal is the senior author.

Could be obtained, end, In which this progress, there is little progress made in treat the underlying the vast majority the vast majority patients: a defect in a single gene which affects to the fluid balance in the upper layers the respiratory tract and leads to thickening of mucus, difficulties breathing and repeated infections and hospitalizations.

Genuine human respiratory tract tissues is the gold standard before drugs, the clinical trials, but it was very that the tissue of patients and if it could be obtained, We think that rarely long survived in the lab – all these created a major bottleneck in screening for therapy. But by creating iPS cells cells containing the entire genome on a CF patient and Point those cells in into lung progenitor cells, which be develop in the develop into epithelium of, that solved this solved the key problems have..