In the context of the Association mission to a healthier life.

In the context of the Association mission to a healthier life, free to build from cardiovascular diseases and stroke, it’s expanding international membership and its training support positions positions well governments respond, and share the latest in science, risk – reduction campaigns and quality improvement programs have proved a significant impact in the health outcomes of communities around the world. Brown asserts, ‘Heart disease has no boundaries and we are ready to create a resource to our own government and others who may need our help. ‘.

These included for age, stroke severity stroke risk factors, vital signs, laboratory results and how healthy patients and after the stroke.

The research is ongoing and Sico hopes within the next year, the types of anemia are associated with higher risks to determine. Because this study looked only at men, future studies need to determine the impact of anemia in women after stroke, especially anemia may behave differently in women.

Cardiovascular disease , including heart disease and stroke is the world’s largest killer, claiming 17.5 million lives a year and expected to be the largest single contributor to global mortality in the future remain..The first clinical trial German French Business Danone, known the United States as Dannon; performed the study was performed primarily in Europe and was of Philip Scheltens, director of AD Center at Vrije Universiteit Medical Center, Amsterdam. Wurtman and MIT have patented in the mix nutrient use in the study, and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, a division of Danone, holding the exclusive worldwide license at to the patent.

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