In September 2006ystems Ltd read information.

In September 2006ystems Ltd read information . Will start human clinical trial for Prolapse RepairEndogun Medical Systems AG, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative solutions for minimally invasive fastening of soft tissue, today announced that it human human clinical trial for the treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. The clinical trial is being conducted in leading medical centers in Western Europe.

What does this analysis different from other such studies was that the researchers coupled the psychological assessment with a relatively new blood test that measures what are known as B – type natriuretic peptides. These chemicals are the blood stream the blood stream through the heart tissue, when the heart is unable effectively. Effectively. The chemicals are used as a signal to the kidneys more urine, which in turn reduces the volume of blood fluid produce, thereby making it easier to pump for damaged or weakened heart muscle, blood.

Seen of serious illness at Feverish Kids a concern in UKThere is increasing concern in that the National Health Service political change can therefore complicates the problem of the recognition serious illness feverishly young children, to in an editorial in of this week issue the British Medical Journal. According to Anthony Harndern, a lecturer into General Practice, University of Oxford, physician should be offer less telephone support and more options for a rapid assessment by an experienced physician.