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The sodas contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Scott Riddell, founder of Diavolo Brands, which is marketing Canna Cola, says the THC dosage is somewhere between 35 to 65 milligrams. said. Levels levels in these products is significantly lower than the height of the many drinks on the market, and he compares this highly respected drinks to a light beer alongside high-proof spirits. Source:. Mercury News, with Sy force.. , For more information about Dr. Darville Research and the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases ChildrenNew soda pot Flavors entering California Medical Marijuana MarketYou may think it’s just crazy talk, but soon for around $ 12 USD, you will be able to buy a new soda pot when you Cannabis prescribed for medical purposes in the the state of California.

The researchers, led by Toni Darville, Chief, Division of Paediatric Infectious Diseases identifies create cause a plasmid-deficient strain of Chlamydia, if in an animal model of genital tract infection examined not a disease. Plasmids are small DNA molecules. Results of the study were in the 15th September issue of the Journal of Immunology published.Coil may be preoperative staging being a prerequisite for selecting the optimal therapy strategy for individual patients. Pre staging should be performed using of the Top method available, said Dr. Beyersdorff. – The results of the study revealed that picture quality and delineation prostate cancer at 1.5 D using a Endorectal in pelvis phased-array better higher field strength of 3.0 D with a a torso phased-array coil. Both units surround the bodies at certain locations for MR images MR images. Currently there is no endorectal coils 3 – T imaging, refined.. Prostate cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor men and the second most cause of cancer in men. Improve the the detection and identification of cancer with MR is a big step to improve the technologies for managing the patients, said Dr. Beyersdorff.