Directed by the 70 applications submitted.

Directed by the 70 applications submitted, the team of Dr. Des Rosiers and Rioux are two of the six in the country, the the Canadian Institutes of Health Research , the emerging-markets team receive scholarship – From genes to proteins, tissues, and patients. ‘The fact that two of our research teams were obtained among the six all of Canada all of Canada to fund, is a remarkable achievement which shows the MHI management builds in the areas of biomarkers, integrative biology, metabolomics and personalized medicine, says, Dr. Jean – Claude Tardif, cardiologist, director of the MHI Research Centre, professor and holder of the research chair on atherosclerosis at the Faculty of medicine at the Universit? de Montr? of Dr. New hope for patients with lactic acidosis.

And personalized medicine,the Montreal Heart Institute received $ 4 in financingconducted two research teams of Dr. Christine Des Rosiers and Dr. Both researcher at the Montreal Heart Institute and professors at the ,, was grants of $ 2,000 and $ 2.3 million awarded for research projects on genetics and genomic medicine to finance.

Genetics of inflammatory disordersThe main objective of Dr. Rioux team is to use genetic discoveries This project is part diagnosis and treatment of common diseases. This project is part of the biological pathway of the IL23R gene with the goal of as as a model for the implementation of other genetic discoveries into clinical discoveries.Supervised exercise Programmes, which low and high intensive the cardiovascular and resistance training may help cover fatigue in patients with cancer who are undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy or treatment of for advanced disease The endurance training The endurance training also enhances patients vitality, muscular power, aerobic capacity and emotional well-being, according to research released at the bmj.

Main author Prof. Lis Adamsen from Copenhagen University Hospital which one of the earliest studies that analyze how a blended intensity exercise regimen relates individuals chemo.

However, the research also concludes that no the mixed of high and low intense exercise program to improve overall quality of life for these patients.