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District Court Judge David Hamilton of Indiana, President Obama boycotted nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Chicago-based Seventh Circuit, the AP / Miami Herald reports. According to the AP / Herald, although the Commission did not vote the nomination for several weeks, the ear signaled a rocky beginning Obama’s attempt to remake the federal judiciary. Republicans said they were not enough time to prepare for the hearing. According to the AP / Herald, Hamilton during his 15 years as a judge has some controversial decisions, including the suppression of a bill issued that required women abortion abortion consultation with a physician. The decision was later recognized by the Seventh Circuit Court, where Hamilton serve if confirmed would be reversed. Republicans Republicans, the Democrats were absent Wednesday hearing on the Judiciary Committee in a position to Softball in its questioning of Hamilton, desire AP / Herald reported.

Issue problem, recently the embassy educate reported a program of health workers on the needs of MSM, the Globe. Steven Browning, U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, stressed the need for better family planning programs for HIV-positive women. Some women as ‘a consequence of the ingestion of[ antiretroviral drugs]. Again fertile, ‘the Globe reports. A study in Uganda notes that 90 percent of HIV-positive pregnant women had no intention of having another child. According to Browning, have programs to support HIV-positive women using contraceptives.29 patients Bypass Surgery Sparks restore the lost cerebral tissue.

Neurosurgeons on the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital bought launched for the first time to restore lost brain tissues carried brains bypass surgery in patients who have circulation to the brain is disrupted cerebrovascular disease. To study, which included 29 patients was published online in which journal Stroke.

‘We consider this important because a key questions of health faced by our people is chronic cerebrovascular disease, neurocognitive value impairment ceases and reducing quality of life. ‘.. Having about 11 months after patients in the trial undertook brains bypass surgery, aiming from which restoring the blood flow to the brain, the researchers observed the 5.1% increase in thickness of brain tissue on MRI scans. ‘We were quite surprised, Dr.