Civil liberties and other similar political topics.

Should things change in a significant way, I do of course reserve the right to rejoin the political commentary arena, but for now, I am cautiously optimistic that the American people should come to their senses, wake up out of this six-year bad dream, and restore their rights, freedoms and liberties in the coming elections. In the mean time, I shall continue to focus on nutrition education applications that try to improve the physical health and mental health of kids, expectant mothers, senior citizens and folks of most ages and nationalities. In a very real sense, among the best ways to help us all find enduring peace and freedom is to promote health, avoidance and diet of prescription drugs and other toxic chemicals.Over the full years it is hoped that each species – several million – will eventually be barcoded. ‘Europe will be a central node, also to qualify for this it’s important to raise 25 million dollars in Europe,’ Crous says. ‘Europe must play a central function in this initiative. We have amazing collections in museums and herbaria that have been gathered in the last centuries – the lion’s share of all the species known on Earth are represented in European selections. We also have a solid tradition of taxonomy, therefore we are in a robust position to make a real impact in this field uniquely.’ At the EuroBioForum conference Crous will submit proposals for a Network of European Leading Laboratories to attempt the majority of the barcoding function.