Blood sugar levels drop.

‘The idea was out of my own frustration born as type 1 diabetes for over 25 years I manage my insulin injections with insulin pens and know only too well, a missed shot lead Simultaneously to elevated blood glucose levels and causes drowsiness and body aches a random double dose has the opposite effect. Blood sugar levels drop, bringing on sweats and it can even complications to severe short and long term health, but mostly, it causes daily anxiety I hate it. , people know with diabetes an easier way, if they took their insulin, and if need ‘..

Timesulin available to customers all over the EU, including the United Kingdom, in mid November 2014.

Contact: Carrie Strehlau 901-495-2295 Marc Kusinitz, 901-495-5020St. Invention: Time Reminder for insulin-dependent diabetics – 16 Timesulin, a new product in the management of insulin-dependent diabetes in the FEND Annual Meeting was started in Lisbon. By an incorporated timer reminds Timesulin diabetics if they had their last insulin injection.Our research team is believed that many medications are effective long residence long residence times at their aim, says Dr. Director of of Infectious Disease Research on Institute for Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery. of this concept been largely ignores by the researchers be, and the residence time is generally not include drug discovery. .

He says that researchers could then next at monitoring the approach and development of a methodology for non-invasive image forming out of bacterial populations in humans both for diagnostic use and also bacterial load whereas drug treatment and thus to any drug effectiveness against bacterial infections diagram of. – Entitled Slow Onset inhibitors of the bacterial fatty acid biosynthesis in: retention and in vivo activity of In Vivo Imaging, Tonge presented at the ASBMB encounter Flag his team research findings.

A long residence developed a long residence time inhibitor of an enzyme the target in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis and demonstrated for the noninvasive have antibacterial activity in an animal model of tuberculosis..