Among the most striking findings of the study reviews.

Among the most striking findings of the study, the bacterial count of samples from patients were ears at intervals of one, taken three and six weeks, course,the treatments were applied analyzed reviews . In the test group of patients, the mean number of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria present an average of around 80 percent in the third week came, and stayed there. In contrast, in the control group, the average levels of the bacteria, a slight increase in the same period. – Biocontrol founder and Chief Scientific Officer, David Harper, commented: This is the first fully-regulated double-blind clinical trial on the efficacy of phage treatment, and is exactly what is needed to determine if such a treatment really works , the fact that the patients were always seem better, is the most exciting thing has been a large part of the study course, the monitoring to ensure that the treatments were safe. And there were no reportable safety events throughout, another very positive result. – designed originally for 40 patients, the trial after 24 after 24 because the patient seemed to be getting better. The Company, the responsible collaboration with clinicians, cystic fibrosis patients ided with with bring such a potentially important treatment option to the market as quickly as possible. We also plan phage treatment of patients who did not receive it during the offer process. .

To view the report, go here.Technology to bacterial infections Defeat Shows Positive Resultsout the use of natural controls against serious bacterial infection and superbugs is by a British company. Scientists Biocontrol Ltd. Have today at the bacteriophage 2008 meeting in Hertfordshire presented a first look at the results of the first clinical phase II study. This is to test the first fully regulated clinical trial, whether phage therapy really works and it shows positive results for the Biocontrol innovative treatments that attack and destroy then untreatable bacterial infections. – Set up in 1997, Biocontrol has developed clinical use of bacteriophages – literally eaters of bacteria – that attack dangerous infection-causing bacteria. First, in the early 20 Century discovered bacteriophages or phages are naturally occurring viruses that attack and destroy harmful bacteria. They are highly specialized, usually only certain strains grab from a single species of bacteria.

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