Although the efficacy and safety of treatment has not been verified.

Japanese patients had transplants with fetal cells in China – traveled Nine Japanese from from spinal cord injury undergo undergo transplants of cells from aborted fetuses, although the efficacy and safety of treatment has not been verified, according to sources was published close to the matter and an investigation by the Japan Spinal Cord Foundation on Wednesday.

Cellestis is a listed Australian biotechnology company commercializing QuantiFERON technology for the diagnosis of TB and other diseases worldwide. The company has offices in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

After the formation and the source of the transplants were performed by a doctor in the Capital Medical College Hospital in Beijing. The doctor removes a mucosal cell from aborted fetuses ‘ nose. After it maintain It implants the doctor near the patient injury through injection. CONTINUE.‘This new project combined the knowledge and User of a major contribution to promises to make an important contribution to the treatment of NTDs, ‘said Rob Leurs, of the project Principal Investigators .. A handful of European universities in and ‘boost have formed a consortium to ‘boost development of pharmaceuticals for with regard to two terminal diseases, the African sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis, which impact on millions of individuals worldwide, ‘afrol News reports.

In November 2009, the FHI – Dukes of partnership has recruited subscriber for two TB clinical trials each comprising a test the efficacy an alternative form of treatment. One of the trials, like TBTC Study 26 familiar prevention TB of, that largest ever trial of latent TB be financed by CDC. Eight thousand Competitors participate through several locations including two hundred and fourteen current on the FHI will – Duke website. Three new TB drugs in human now is, American for possible inclusion in one new and improved TB of strategy Next 10 drugs that evaluate in laboratory and in animal experiments Hamilton says.