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After Charles H. Professor in the department of orthopedic surgery and director of orthopedic research at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis Exercise that strengthen the ‘best’kind of mechanical load on the bones, especially during childhood and adolescence is, Turner says, involves impact or high load such as running or jumping, swimming or cycling to counter. Growing bones are most of those. On strengthening the effect of running / jumping, which says the additional advantage that this type of exercise do not affect longitudinal growth, Turner activities such as ‘heavy weight lifting, but are not recommended for children because overloading growing joints stunt longitudinal bone growth, ‘And, consequently, growth stunt entire body and height, he adds..

Turner says that the strengthening effect of exercise is very efficient because the cellular mechanosensors in bone direct osteogenesis , where it is most needed, to bone strength and thus improve bone mass.Follow up years. The brain ‘ Sat-Nav ‘Our brains are their own navigation system similar satellite radionavigation included, with built-in maps, grids and compass, said neuroscientist Dr Hugo Mr Spiers the BA Festival of Science at the University of Liverpool.

The study found that one region of the hippocampus in London taxi driver compared to compared to general population too, coach drivers have not the identical extended range , and general dexterity in navigating is not on hippocampus. Size of related which indicates that which difference with the Knowledge of the town linked constructed 250,000 roads by the cabbie for many years.